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DDW 11-13-17 04:21 PM

Update on Glitch (pics)
Wow has it been a while since I've been on here! I'm here to give a brief update on my baby, Glitch. Some of you may remember her, most probably won't.
She was hatched on Dec. 2, 2014

Here she was before she was officially mine, at the June, 2015 Repticon

Here she is a while later, in about March 2016

And now, today, Nov. 13, 2017 (she's a bit shy because she's going to she'd soon, that's also why her scales are a bit dull. Perhaps I'll have pics soon of her fresh skin)

Chilling on my hand:

Peeking out of her newly cleaned home(little poser XD):

And stretching out:

Also, here is her current enclosure ^.=.^

Now she is 2 years, 11 months, and 11 days old.

Albert Clark 11-14-17 12:13 PM

Re: Update on Glitch (pics)
Glitch is looking very healthy these days. Grats! What is she feeding on now?

DDW 05-08-18 07:20 PM

Re: Update on Glitch (pics)
Another quick update! I only have one recent picture. (That dark bit on her head was from a bad shed a while back. It's slowly getting smaller though.) She likes to watch me at night if I'm up, and is so good when I'm holding her. She's soon to graduate to large rats (once I'm done with the rats I had stocked up on (in excess I confess. I've been having to feed her multiple rats each feeding). I miss placed my kitchen scale so I currently can't get a good weight on her.

Sorry her face is out of focus!

EL Ziggy 05-08-18 07:44 PM

Re: Update on Glitch (pics)
Beautiful critter. She's a big girl too.

DDW 05-08-18 09:27 PM

Re: Update on Glitch (pics)
Thank you! She's a really easy girl to keep too. Great feeding response and hasn't bitten but once (and that wasn't from aggression either).

Just earlier I got a good pic of her when she came out to say hi.

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