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Re: Life of Mopani!

Ah yea I want to do that, however the worry is the insane temperature drops that would happen if I did. I am currently in a loose-loose streak here. So far they are not getting ridiculously hot (I am ritualistically checking them each day with Temp Gun) and the temps aren't going crazy yet, but even so, with the UTH's going along with the lamps the temps are a tad low. Qizil sits right around 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit, which is actually working amazingly fine for him, but that is with the UTH and those two dang lamps. Mopani is sitting right at the same range too, which is again a BIT low by a few degrees but both need to be in the dang 90s, and more for Qizil it's I think suppose to be in the 95s.

And I know from experience that those temps will immediately drop down to low 70s the minute I turn the UTH's off and let things cool down. I'm not sure how to fix this problem before getting the thermostats as even when using high-heat emitting basking and spot lamps they never got to high temps without using the UTH's too. This dilemma is honestly quite annoying, and I don't want to risk having them sit in low temps for however long it will take to get the Thermostats.

Do you or anyone else have suggestions? Cause I would really love some, considering everything. I don't want to get my snakes sick in the process of getting good setups.
Got my big one Qizil~ {8.0 ft. RTB} And my little one Mopani~ {2.0 ft BP}

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