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Mojave Or Not Mojave, That is the .?

Sorry about my spelling my keyboard is a little messed up as well as my punctuation anyway I just received and purchased two ball pythons male and female the pet store which was Petco of course didn't even know their sex is so I found out they were male and female they are both about 21 inches long and they both fed for me on large mice there are 20 long gallon right now with a betting of sand two hives a hotspot of 95 and an ambient of 82 so I know what I'm doing with snakes everything's perfect with their husbandry I am actually waiting in the mail from Amazon for a lid for my 55 gallon tank as well as some Aspen bedding or some wood chip bedding I'm not sure which one I want to do yet a nice-size hide three of them for each sides of the tank an ice water dish some more temperature guns and a larger heat pad from Zoo Med measuring 18 inches by 8 inches which I will just put along the length on the hot side of the tank I also have a light bulb 100 watt on a timer 14 hours a day and a large water dish for humidity so I know everything there is to know about keeping a snake healthy and for now they will be eating large mice Frozen thawed once a week from Petco until they are able to take Rats from there because I know they're more nutritious again sorry about the way I have to type here it is very run on and I cannot add. I have to speak into my computer but anyway the main question is I bought them both and we're told they were a mahabis so please please someone help me someone help me and tell me any subtle differences you can tell me that would prove that these are in Mojave and not normal because to me they look pretty normal in a few years I am really interested in beginning to breed ball pythons I have kept a large reticulated pythons Burmese and even Anaconda I've had ball pythons when I was a kid but now I want to get into breeding them they're my only pets as of right now besides for my cat who gets nowhere near them I'd really like to breed them in the next few years and I'd really hope they are with I was sold to them ask and I have a 25% chance I'm getting the blue eye Lucy thank you in advance and here come pics
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Re: Mojave Or Not Mojave, That is the .?

Hello and welcome.

Your set up sounds ok but they should be separated and not on sand. Also, if they are taking large mice then they can take a rat fuzzy or weaned rat.

That being said, from the 1 picture I see, that is a normal, not a lesser.
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Re: Mojave Or Not Mojave, That is the .?

Welcome to sSNAKESs!

Agree with the weaned rats...they're about the same size as adult mice.
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Re: Mojave Or Not Mojave, That is the .?

thanks guys, IM settled with the fact they are normals;( But I will still do my first breeding in a few yers. They both just succesfully ate large mice tonight but unfortunately right now I only hace acess to petco/petsmart and the lowest rat they have is small probbaly 150-200 g too big for now. bBut I think they will get there fast. They are moving into a 55 gallon cage tomorrow with aspen bedding and some hides and branches. I know its highly frounded upon, but im going to keep them together for now anyways. thanks aagin, ill post pics soon , its been years since Ive been on here, before with my reticulated python ?s lol. But when breeding I want to start with the little guys.:/
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