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Scale problem with ball python?

Hello!! I'm new to the forum. I joined particularly for this one question, because I'm worried about it and I don't know very many snake lovers other then my roommate. Since she doesn't know what's going on, here we are.

A little back story: I recently bought an albino ball python from a lady on Kijiji. The issue is, I think there was some issues with where she was living. First off, it was a tub with very little ventilation. Only a small area was cut out. Next... It was always really humid. I had her in there for two days yet I never once had to mist it. And.. we don't think her cage was ever cleaned properly. The woodchips/dirt mix was moldy in some places and it smelled. Also the only source of heat was a small heat pad taped to the bottom. And food: the lady only fed her minimumly due to her being a picky eater. One F/T ASF a week, at most. We're thinking she's around 3, so she should be eating more. My friends Ball Python eats two ASF when he's only 2. He's a lot thicker then her.

The issue: Some of her scales are red and lifted. Some spots look very soft and thin. There's also a lot of dry spots.

Question: What can the issue be, and how do I fix it?

About her living situation now: She's now in a new terrarium with a mesh top and well ventilated, and nice clean bedding. Heat is regulated, and she is regularly misted.
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Re: Scale problem with ball python?

Sorry to hear about the horrible conditions

Have you checked for mites? The dry spots could indicate a previous bad shed. These the only two things coming to mind right now. Could you post some pictures?

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Re: Scale problem with ball python?

Sounds like scale rot happening due to unsanitary and damp conditions, but it's very difficult to tell without seeing it. As far as dry spots go...that could be retained shed or caused by some kind of infection as well but the same thing goes, hard to know without seeing it. I would unfortunately have to advise you to take the snake to a vet under the circumstances.

Something else to note; Mesh tops are actually not great for these snakes because they don't hold enough heat and humidity in as a rule, but it sounds like the tub it was being kept in is going too much the other way (too damp!)...the key would be to find a happy medium. Don't be surprised if you have to modify the tank to hold in a bit more humidity.
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Re: Scale problem with ball python?

Hey there! Sorry I am new to this whole forum thing, and am having troubles posting a picture. Image size to big, or link not allowed... It has been a hayday.

As for mites, we did check it. She was clean.

For the bad shed, its a possibility. Will her scales get better once she sheds again? They do seem really thin and weak, but we do not know if its an Albino thing or her previous owner. I tried to look online but not very much helpful info.

As for her terrarium: We make sure everything is regulated in terms of heat and moister. We have little things stuck to the side and check it often. Would a misting system be okay? I haven't heard anything bad about it, but its probably best to ask you guys.

She doesn't have any really bad rashes or boils. I am trying to handle her minimally due to the fact I only just got her. As for a vet... We are kind of low on money right now, so we want to try figure it out before taking her.

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