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Exclamation Off feed help. Going on 5 months now.

Hey everyone, new to this forum because I just dont know what to do anymore.
On November 16 2016 I received a male ball python birth year 2013. Since he has been with me he hasn't eaten once. He just doesn't show any signs that he is even a bit interested... I know it's normal for bp to go on a hunger strike but i never had one go for this long. He has lost 167 grams. He is in a 1.20 meter long vivarium. Warm side is at 89C and cool side is at 78C I have tried everything I can think of. Mice, rats all different sizes. I have tried assist feeding and just a few minutes ago I have tried force feeding a pinkie rat. Managed to get in all the way in. All you could see was the tail but he spat it right back out. I just don't know what to do anymore. I am really worried which is probably silly of me. Does anyone have any advice? Is 176 grams for 5 months loss still ok? Could it have something to do with breeding season? He was used as a breeder from the last owner. Sadly I can't contact that breeder because she also sold me a bp that has an underdeveloped jaw without telling me that and we left off on a bad note. (Which that snake is doing wonderful. But also took me 3 months to get her to eat) any advice is very much welcomed!

Sincerely, Eceukool
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Re: Off feed help. Going on 5 months now.

Firstly, please tell us you made a error with the temperature listed as Celsius and you mean Farenheit????????????? That weight loss is considerable. Second, try to refrain from force feeding. This animal knows how to eat. All non feeding issues need to have husbandry carefully examined and tweaked before anything else is done unless there are signs that the reptile is injured or ill.
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Re: Off feed help. Going on 5 months now.

Yes i of course meant F sorry my nerves were a bit rattled yesterday, and understood with the force feeding! And the Husbandry i have checked countless times, i even bought new Thermometers and such because i thought maybe mine was just not showing correctly. The only thing i did notice about him which i thought was odd since none of my others have anything like that. His scales are weird, its like the top most layer is peeling and sticks out at an odd angle, but not everywhere just like one here and there. Other than that he seems to be fine, he explores at night or when i refill his water dish he pokes his head out and walks the perimeter, his tongue is normal and the inside of his mouth. I am just so lost as what to do now. Should i wait it out until breeding season is over? or should i get him to the vet? and once there what happens when he cant figure anything out? i have so many questions.
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Re: Off feed help. Going on 5 months now.

Those temps are cool. 82 ambient with a 94 hot spot will stimulate feeding. Furthermore...some ball pythons fast's a trait of the species, and 5 months is nothing provided his weight is ok. Don't try assist feedingn or force feeding any time soon.

Have you tried live food?
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Re: Off feed help. Going on 5 months now.

What is his total weight? 10% isn't at the worry point yet. Many BPs will fast in winter, mine didn't eat from fall till spring. They go into a breeding mode and aren't interested in feeding.
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Re: Off feed help. Going on 5 months now.

I agree with Andy... You've got to get the temps up... I have two baby balls that eat every week, but my hot side is 95* and my cold is about 80*... It maybe winter out but my snakes will never know it... They will need warmer temps to digest their meal...
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Re: Off feed help. Going on 5 months now.

Also ensure proper amount of humidity.
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