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Missing Scale?

My gorgeous pinstripe had her (I initially thought she was a male, vet told me otherwise) first shed in my care about a month and a half ago. It went relatively smoothly: no retained eye caps, barely any shed left on her body, and she was right back to her spunky, social self. However, she seemed to have rubbed too harshly against something and removed an entire scale. There was a little bit of blood, but it wasn't severe. It seems to be healing okay, but I'm concerned about it happening in the future. She is starting to look dull again, and if there are any preventative measures I can take so she doesn't injure herself in her next shed, I will gladly take them. Also, out of curiosity, will that scale grow back?
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Re: Missing Scale?

i have read that if a snake loses a scale, it does not grow back. i believe they are born with all the scales they are going to get, and they just get larger as the snake grows. be sure to check your hides, plants, water bowl,etc. for any sharp edges. a tiny dab of neosporin may help the affected spot heal faster and prevent infection.
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Re: Missing Scale?

Your pic doesn't look like an open wound so I wouldn't worry about putting anything on it. Just keep an eye on it and ensure the enclosure is cleaned thoroughly after defecation.
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Re: Missing Scale?

Thank you both! Like I said, this was about a month and a half ago so the wound is pretty much healed up. I'll definitely take care to look in her tank and eliminate anything that could be considered sharp.
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Re: Missing Scale?

A snake's shed should, assuming husbandry and health to be good, always come off in one piece. My reason for mentioning this is you say 'barely any shed left'. This should be no shed at all.

How are the humidity and temps in the viv? Keep an eye on her next shed to see if it comes off as one nice clean piece because if it does not we need to have a think as to why.
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Closed Thread

health, scales, shed, shedding question

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