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condescomputers 04-08-19 11:03 AM

Juvi Blood Python went off feeding
So I Changed the bedding in my cage. I went from Cypress Mulch to Reptibark from Zoomed. I switched because the Cypress Mulch had little pieces almost like dirt that kept getting in my snakes mouth and nasal cavities. The repti-bark does not have this. The Cypress mulch hods water better, but I have been able to keep a steady 60% humidity with both products. The repti-bark is a bit less forgiving, but since I switched my snake has refused to eat. Its only been 2 weeks at this point, so there is nothing to really worry about. Anyone use repti-bark with or without success before? If I can't get my snake to eat within 2 months I will definitely switch back to Cypress Mulch.

Let me add Humidity at 60% hot side at about 87F cold side is 80-82F. 2 hides one on each side. and a water dish that allows for soaking, the temp where the water bowl is about 85.

craigafrechette 04-08-19 03:07 PM

Re: Snake went off feeding
I've been using Repti bark for years. I haven't noticed that behavior. It could just be new to your snake and he'll take a little time to acclimate. It could just be coincidence too.

condescomputers 04-08-19 05:02 PM

Re: Snake went off feeding
OK, for now I'm not handling him for the next week, and I'll try again. I just got 25 Rat pups so I'm good to go as far as food is concerned.

craigafrechette 04-09-19 01:55 PM

Re: Snake went off feeding
Yeah, just keep an eye on his behavior. If his behavior stays the same I wouldn't sweat it.

condescomputers 04-10-19 08:37 AM

Re: Snake went off feeding
His behavior has pretty much been the same. The only difference I noted was that he is spending a bit more time on the hot side than normal. Other than that everything else is good

condescomputers 04-22-19 09:20 AM

Re: Snake went off feeding
Snake ate yesterday

ClockwerkBonnet 04-22-19 01:24 PM

Re: Snake went off feeding
Great! I'm glad to hear that.

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