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Dumerils88 02-22-18 09:59 PM

I purchased a blood python today. Iíve had my eye on him for a while, and have been concerned how he was being cared for. So me being me I wanted to get him outta there, and to a good home. First of all they kept him in a damp deep soil bedding, they also told me he hadnít ate in a while. To shorten this up, when I got him home I noticed several issues of concern. There is a popping noise coming from his throat, it also puffs up from time to time. He also seems to be favoring his mouth almost like it dosnt line up properly. He is beautiful, sweet tempered, and active. The popping sound is really hot me worried. Any advice or tips will be appreciated. I know I probably could return him as it will be 24 hours tomorrow since I purchased him... but I am extremely attached to him because I go in to this store daily, and have been wanting to rescue him for months now. Ty in advance

phenyx 02-22-18 10:10 PM

Re: Emergency
Congrats on your new purchase. I'm fairly new to snakes, but it sounds like you need to take it to the vet ASAP.

Jim Smith 02-22-18 10:38 PM

Re: Emergency
I agree with phenyx. You need to bring your new snake to a qualified reptile vet ASAP. It sounds like he may have an RI and that can become very serious.

Dumerils88 02-22-18 11:58 PM

Re: Emergency
I am making an appointment tomorrow, is there anything I can do at home to give home some relief. I got in shower with him so he could breath in the steam. He had a bowel movement after about 5 min of steam ( I didn’t put him in hot water) he seemed to really enjoy it! I was surprised he had a BM, pet store said he hasn’t ate in over 2 months. Which really pisses me off, they knew something was wrong and they only thing they tried to do was sell him at full price, idk it’s not about the $ it’s about the reptile

craigafrechette 02-23-18 04:18 AM

Re: Emergency
I, personally, would never buy from a shop that maintained those practices. A) I don't want to deal with buying an unhealthy animal which immediately needs a vet. B) I wouldn't support the store by giving them my revenue.

That being said, congrats on your new blood. I just recently joined the STP world with a Borneo. Awesome animals, I can't wait for him to get some good mass on him.

P.S. I would be showing back up at the shop you bought the animal from and handing them the vet's diagnosis along with the bill.

Albert Clark 02-23-18 11:31 AM

Re: Emergency
THIS ^^^^^^^^^^. Also, the store should have a policy or terms of service concerning the health of the animal. Be sure to look at your receipt and read any terms outlined on the receipt. I agree that its not up to you to incur a vet bill or much less keep a sick and unhealthy animal. Most stores have return or exchange policies.

Dumerils88 02-24-18 10:07 PM

Re: Emergency
@Albert Clark, you are right, I was aware he wasn’t eating, an wasn’t being kept properly. They had him in a very moist top soil, there wasn’t a temp or humidity gauge, and flat out did zero research on bloods. I knew I might be getting into a unhealthy snake, but didn’t know he was flat out sick, I just couldn’t bring myself to leave him like that. He has so much potential... Also I’m happy to report, with some proper husbandry, a fogger/ tiny bit of Vick’s/ and f10 vet disinfectant... he really is rebounding today!!! I will get this beauty eating and healthy... I thank u all

kazz 02-25-18 10:17 AM

Re: Emergency
Dumerils88, you are nice human. Show us your beautiful boa.

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