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ZooMed Vs. ExoTerra - UV bulbs

Everyone recomends ZooMed reptisun 5.0 bulb, is there a difference between that one and the ExoTerra model????

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ZooMed has been around longer and has a better "reputation" IMO.

I will buy both for the UVB bulbs, but for basking or night bulbs i'll stick with ZooMed. I've used exoterra a few different times and the bulbs would either burn out quickly or when they did go i would try to get them out they would seperate from the metal base (wasted many good potatos).
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Exoterra is Hagen... Hagen's been around a long time, but new to the reptile scene. IMO ive never been impressed with their products. Zoomed has always been my first choice, if I even use a reptile related product instead of a substitution.
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i use the reptisun for uv but home depot for everything else.
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i use both, i have yet to notice a difference
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Honestly... I would go with which ever place gives you the longest guarentee. For UV lighting either Zoomed or Exo-terra is fine. I don't find that Zoomed has as high a UV output light as exo-terra does though and they are much more expensive. With my set-ups I go with a UV strip (exo-terra 8.0) and a ceramic bulb (they last so much longer).
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