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Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone! I am new to the forum. I have a Bearded Dragon named Elliott, a Crested Gecko named Delilah, and two Leopard Geckos named Lilo & Stitch. I am looking forward to sharing pictures, advice and experiences with other members, and most importantly to LEARN from other members more experienced than myself.

I would really like to add a snake of some kind to my "family" of reptiles, but I am not sure which species would be best. I have kept snakes before; Colubrids, such as garter or ribbon snakes, so I am not completely new to keeping snakes, but it has been a while. I am thinking of either a corn snake or a ball python? Or maybe a milk snake? What would you all recommend?

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Re: Hi Everyone!

I'd recommend a corn snake, personally!

I myself have a Rosy Boa right now, but they are very curious and known to be escape artists, so I wouldn't quite say they're a good one to "start" with even though they're pretty chill.

Corn snakes are like the "best part of everything" when it comes to snake keeping as far as I can tell!
They don't get BIG, but don't stay small either. They are incredible feeders-- are pretty chill snakes as well when it comes to handling and stuff, and are just overall really nice! They have lots of cool morphs- too! (I personally am determined to get a "Palmetto" morph when I have the space~)

Ball pythons, though ALSO very chill, as far as experience has told me are quite horrible with eating. They'll eat like champs...Then decide they hate food for however long and just, refuse to eat for long periods of time.
It's mostly the food thing that makes me "iffy" about them for starter snakes-- but it's also the fact that as adults, they are BEEFY little things!
(...Coming from experience, cause I had a ball python, and his random month-long stents of going on hunger strike perpetually gave me grey hairs X'D)

I don't know much for milk snakes, but I'd definitely recommend a corn!
Or possibly a kingsnake, or a more common type of rat snake too. They have nearly the same requirements. (Tho I have heard rats have some gnarly tempers, lol)

...Sorry for the info-dump there. Got a big carried away!
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Re: Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the forum! We're glad you're here.
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