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Smile Hello Everyone!

I am new to the forums. I stumbled on this group while looking for information reguarding my new Western Hognose Snake acting erratically. He is my 4th snake. So I am not new to caring for snakes. However, he Is my first Hognose. As is protical with all of my reptiles I placed him in quarantine. He had mites from his previous owner. So I soaked him. Then I treated him with a Natural mite spray safe to use on snakes, and I also treated his new enclosure with Provent a Mite. I let everything air dry for 2 hours. I double checked the enclosure was completely. It had no smell, but to be safe I extra dried it by using a blow dryer and wiping the corners with a paper towel. His tub was dry dry. The natural mite spray I used on his body I sprayed on a paper towel first and rubbed it on his body. Once everything seemed good I placed everything back in the tank. 6 days later he had some weird nerological things happening. I had no idea what could be wrong. Long story short I found this group and an old thread about western Hognose snakes. Someone else had the same experience I had. I read all the advise and followed it completely. I took him out of his enclosure. I bathed him with a little dawn dish soap, rinsed him off, and soaked him for 30 minutes in warm water. He calmed down. His spasming slowed. I went out and bought him and all new enclosure with 2 new hides and a water bowl. 56 hours later he is a little lethargic, but still alive with minimal flinching. We are taking it day by day, but the advise I got from this forum saved my snakes life. I will be forever grateful.
As soon as things calmed down I had to create a post to thank all the people on here for their input. No one talks about the nerological impact that Pam can have on western hognose snakes. It can be very dangerous. Check on your snakes daily after using it. He was normal and healthy the 5 days leading up to the Saturday that he began showing nerological signs of being allergic/poisoned by the spray.

On a less dramatic note, I also own a beautiful female normal Ball Python, an indexed baby BCI boa, and a male dasypeltis gansi or African Egg eating snake. I absolutely love my scaled babies!

I can't wait to start making friends on here! This forum seems really helpful and friendly so far which is sometimes rare to see in other online communities.
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Re: Hello Everyone!

Welcome aboard Allison. I hope everything works out with your hoggie.
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Re: Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the forum!
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ball python, boa, hognose, new girl, new here

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