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JD11 04-06-19 12:22 PM

Hello All my name is John . I am a new snake pet owner from Massachusetts . I picked up a corn snake (I know ... Lame) a week ago at a reptile expo. I always wanted to own a snake but I NEVER imagined that I'd like it so much. My snake is so calm and tolerates handling with no problem and ate her first meal from me like a champ.. Here's hoping the next few months go just as smooth . Then add snake # 2 to the family ...

EL Ziggy 04-08-19 09:01 AM

Re: Hello
Welcome aboard John. Congrats on the new addiction :). Corn snakes are plenty cool. Share pics of your critter when you can.

craigafrechette 04-08-19 09:12 AM

Re: Hello
Welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of snake keeping!! I'm in MA as well.

Corns are cool snakes. I personally don't keep corns anymore, but they are great animals. My interest have simply changed since I started keeping snakes many years ago, plus more species are becoming more readily available in pet hobby.
Enjoy your new pet. Take your time and learn all you can. The more we know about our pets the better we can care for them.

Good luck, don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have. We're happy to help.

ClockwerkBonnet 04-08-19 02:26 PM

Re: Hello
Welcome to the forum, John! We're glad you're here.

MnGuy 04-08-19 04:59 PM

Re: Hello
Corn snakes are awesome. Welcome!

condescomputers 04-09-19 08:25 AM

Re: Hello
Welcome. Corn snakes are the perfect first snake. Not lame at all. What color morph did you get?

JD11 04-10-19 06:30 PM

Re: Hello
Thanks for all the comments . I got a female Okeetee .

ClockwerkBonnet 04-11-19 06:50 PM

Re: Hello
Very cool. Be sure to share pics whenever possible.

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