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Hello from the Ozarks!

Hello, just joined a few minutes ago! I have one snake, Copper, who is my beloved corn that I've had for 7 years. I've made many mistakes since getting him when I was far too young for the responsibility, but we've both grown and learned so much more. He's now living his best, has routine vet checks (last check a few months back, he's clean as a whistle), has a new 40 gallon we got a year ago, and lots of enrichment in his life.
I got Copper when he was 1, my parents got him when I became obsessed with herps at a young age (too young for the responsibility, IMO). I believe he is a diffused corn, no clue if he's got anything else hidden as recessives and I don't plan on finding out. I went through a time in my life where I got bored with him and only gave him minimal care; 20 gallon tank, not cleaning for a few weeks, just feeding him and never having him out, minimal enrichment in his tank. Since then, I've re-dedicated myself to him and give him all I've got. Just because he's a reptile, a "starter snake" at that, doesn't mean he doesn't deserve all I can give.
And a little about myself, I love psychology and animal behavior, I always like to learn why things happen and what led up to those things. I have absolutely no clue what to do after college, but it's likely to do with animals. I've been an avid lover of lepidopterans (moths & butterflies) since I was hardly 7, and I love being able to raise and just be around these amazing creatures. Hiking is a pastime of my whole family, and every new thing we find on the trail is exciting.

Here's a few pictures of Copper, a few too many pictures of some leps, and a few of a very upset, very cold green tree snake (who later decided being on my arm was warmer than his rock). Hopefully I attached the images right.

Glad to join on here!
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Re: Hello from the Ozarks!

Welcome to sSNAKESs!

Post pictures when you can; or, you can post links to Imgur pics you might already have.
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Re: Hello from the Ozarks!

Welcome! That sounds like a great turn around you did there. Way to go!
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Re: Hello from the Ozarks!

Welcome to the forum! We're glad you're here.
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