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Hello! I'm new and eager to learn!

Hi there! I'm Trinity, and I'm a teen with a growing interest in snakes, Ball Pythons specifically. For a LOONNG time I was researching and looking into parrots, but I've come to the realization that I just don't have the time to spend the 4+ hours daily that a parrot needs. I stumbled across an article on Ball Pythons and it was actually really interesting! I've never considered myself a reptile person, due to an intense dislike of crickets and other bugs, but I have no qualms about feeding dead mice and rats. They seem to be really good pets for people like me who are already busy between two dogs, sports, and school, and apparently most are even fine with being held! I have about 250$ saved, and plan to "penny pinch" on the tank by scouring Goodwills. However I couldn't afford any of the rarer mutations like ghost or piebald, but I want to go for a pastel anyways, as their bright colors really appeal to me.

The only obstacle is that my parents hate snakes. They've never had a bad experience with one, they are just like most misinformed people, thinking that even small constrictors like balls are dangerous and could strangle people and bite. It's not going to be too hard to convince them, but before I even mention wanting a snake I want to learn as much as possible and wait a few months to make sure I really still want one. After all, my only reptile experience is watching a friend's leopard geckos for a few weeks. My mom fed them due to crickets, but I was responsible for everything else.

That's why I've come here! I'm the type to research, and I want to learn as much as possible about the ins and outs of noodle care. It's nice to meet you all!
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Re: Hello! I'm new and eager to learn!

Welcome to the forum Trinity. It's great that you're doing your research before getting a new pet. Snakes are AWESOME animals to keep. There are so many beautiful species to choose from. I can watch my snakes for hours sometimes which is better than watching TV. I just love the way they move. Once you get your initial setup running they really don't require much maintenance. You only have to feed them once every week or two on average. They're also pretty quiet and almost odorless. That makes for a great pet in my book.
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Re: Hello! I'm new and eager to learn!

Welcome to sSNAKESs!! Good luck convincing your parents, but consider one of the smaller Python varieties, like a Childrens, Anthill/Pygmy, or Stimson's.
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Re: Hello! I'm new and eager to learn!

Welcome to the forum, Trinity! We're glad you're here.
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Re: Hello! I'm new and eager to learn!

Welcome, Trinity. Having kept both parrots and snakes, I can say that snakes are less demanding, far quieter and won't throw their food all over your house. It sounds like your parents were ok with the leopard geckos so they might just need a bit of education and reassurance in order to accept a snake. When you're ready to talk to them, you could start by inviting them to watch some you tube videos about pet snakes and their husbandry. There's a lot of good information there that might reassure them that your ball python won't turn out to be a man-eater. You could also look into reptile shows in your area and talk to some breeders with your parents. Good Luck!
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Re: Hello! I'm new and eager to learn!

Some good poinyts were made above, and I'll reiterate that your enclosure and equipment will run you well over $100.

However, I'm going to raise a point that hasn't come up yet... I'm guessing since you're potentially relying on your mother to assist with feedings (or at leaat you mentioned she will NOT feed the snake) you are still young and living at home??
For that reason it might be worth waiting a few years before bringing a snake home. I don't know your short term plans, but if you have college in your future there's an extremely high likelihood that you won't be able to take your snake with you to a dorm or off campus apartment. And speaking of apartments, if you'renot planning on college, many landlords don't allow snakes. You'll also likely need a roommate to afford a place of your own, and having a snake will seriously limit your potential roommates. Not everybody will be willing to live with a snake.
So, if you're still at home, it may be best to wait. Snake's live 20 years or more depending on species, and unless you can commit to caring for that animal for its entire life it really isn't fair to the animal to bring it home.

If I'm mistaken, I apologize. And if this is the case of be happy to help you out with my experience with keeping snakes. I have kept Kings, corns, hognose, BP, and Borneo Short Tail, so I'd be happy to help you with info on any of those species.
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