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Hello and Seeking Advice

Hello sSNAKESs people,

I'm new to the website and forums in general. I've been researching snakes for the past year or so, and I finally have enough space and money for my first snake and I'm looking for suggestions.

I will be building an enclosure about 4'x2'x2' or smaller. This will be a display cage in my living room. I want a snake that can occasionally be handled, and one that will climb a little on branches or a platform.

I've gone to my local reptile expo a few times and like corn snakes and Irian Jaya carpet pythons, ball pythons are a little too lethargic for my preference. Any other suggestions you might have for a first timer? Thanks.
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Re: Hello and Seeking Advice

Welcome to the forum Bob! If you're looking for a snake that will fit comfortably in a 4x2x2 and also displays, handles and eats well then a carpet python would be a great choice. My larger carpets are 6-7 ft. and 4x2 cages are perfect. They would use more vertical space if offered though.
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Re: Hello and Seeking Advice

I agree with El Ziggy, a carpet would likely be a great choice for you. I'm planning on adding a carpet within a few months myself.
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Re: Hello and Seeking Advice

Welcome to the forum, Uncle Bob! We're glad you're here. :-)

I'm not so sure about a carpet python. They can grow to at least 5 feet in length, so hopefully that's small enough for the cage.
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Re: Hello and Seeking Advice

Welcome to sSNAKESs!!
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Re: Hello and Seeking Advice

My Russian rat snake is very active, loves to climb & is great about handling. He won't get as big as carpet pythons and isn't as colorful, but he still is a great display animal in my humble, novice opinion. There are 3 hides in various spots of his cage, but he almost never uses those. At night he sleeps on the ground in plain sight & spends most of his day moving around his cage. Climbing seems to be his favorite thing. He'll make use of every climbing item I put in his cage. Though a 24" tall cage is fine for the little guy for now, I will later move him into a 36" tall cage to give his growing self more climbing space.
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beginner, first snake

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