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Good Morning !!!

My son just got his first snake and we are wondering if anyone can identify it for us.
All we know is it is a ball python, but not sure what color you would call it.
When he bought it he was told it was a Fancy ball python, that's it they didn't say what color it was and he didn't think to ask.

Also, he's had it for 4 days and it did not eat when he tried to feed last night. The last time it ate was on Feb 24th. Should he wait and see if she/he will eat this weekend?

We do know she's/ he's young.

Here she is.New baby.jpg
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Re: Hello

Hello, congrats on your first snake and welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of snake keeping.

I'm no good at morph identification so I'll let somebody else help you out with that.

As for the feeding, I would wait a week and try again. It's not uncommon for snakes, especially BPs, to refuse food after they are moved to a new home.

A few suggestions to make enjoying your new pet easier on you and your son:
- I always advise new keepers to hold off on handling new snakes until the snake has eaten three consecutive meals without refusal. This helps them acclimate and get on a regular eating schedule.
- Proper husbandry is the most important part of keeping snakes. It's very important to provide proper temperature and humidy to replicate their natural environment.
- Snakes, especially BPs love and require security. They like to feel as safe as possible. Providing a proper enclosure with proper hides is very important. Think of it like this: they basically go through life knowing 2 things: eat and don't get eaten.
- Learn your snake. What I mean by this is watch your snake and learn their mannerisms, read and study as much as you can in the species. The more you know, the better you can provide for your snake. Which means more time to enjoy your pet.

- ALL heat sources should be regulated by a thermostat to prevent dangerous heat spikes which can cause serious burns or worse to your snake.

Once you get your setup dialed in, which can be frustrating, it's really easy from there. Just daily equipment checks, weekly feeding, spot cleaning and occasional full enclosure cleanings.

I hope this helps.
Lastly, if you would like to share some info on your setup we may be able to help you with some common beginner mistakes.

Good luck, enjoy your new pet!!
Feel free to ask any questions.
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Re: Hello

Welcome to the sSNAKESs Forum!

I can't help with the "morph" designation BP is a "normie".
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Re: Hello

Hi and welcome, sorry but I'm no help at all when it comes to morphs
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Re: Hello

She is in a 40 g. She has a hidey hole on one side (which she loves her hide) snake bedding with moss mixed in for bedding, a heat lamp for night, a UV lamp for daytime and a really nice piece of long wood for her to climb around on.
My son has a guage for the temps and one for the humidity.
She comes out at night and roams around and doesn't seem scared or anything.

But how do we get her to eat? If we wait another week that will be 2 weeks since her last meal, is that to long?

And how do we keep the humidity up?

Thanks for all your insight!
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