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I got questions

I知 not sure how this site really works, but I got questions and this seems like a good place to ask.

I知 teenager in Northern Ireland, and after extensive research and discussions with my mom, I have managed to convince her that I could take care of a ball python as a pet. I have money saved up for the initial cost I知 starting a job soon so I値l be able to pay for the ongoing fees like food, bedding etc.

I only know of one pet store near me, which stocks snake supplies, but not snakes. I知 looking for a young snake, and I can稚 find anywhere on the internet that seems trustworthy enough, and ships to Northern Ireland. My mom is willing to drive me three hours tops to pick up a snake, but she isn稚 down for going to England or whatever.

In summary, does anyone know where I can get a young ball python in Northern Ireland?
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Re: I got questions

I know that you're anxious to get your new snake, but perhaps it would be worth while for you to wait for the Reptile Show in Ireland in July. That way, you can get the enclosure all ready for your new snake and very probably have several snakes to choose from as well as breeders to learn from. Here's a link to some information about the show. Just a thought... Best of luck and please keep us posted on what you get.
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Re: I got questions

Going to have to agree with Jim Smith. Patience here is going to be your friend.

I'm fairly new as well and purchased my first snake fairly quickly. Now don't get me wrong I love the snake I have but there are a few things I'd have done different after attending an expo.

1) Prices were fantastic at the show. I'd say items were on average 2% lower then I was finding everywhere else for equipment, and there were some great deals if you spent the time to look around.
2) The options for animals were far larger then I had expected and you get to see before you buy which is in my opinion better then online. It gives you a chance to also ask questions like. Are they feeding F/T already? What are they feeding on at this point in their life? (Size consistency)

Either way, best of luck and I hope whatever you find is fantastic.
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Re: I got questions

I recommend the show. You get to see a lot of different snakes, the prices are competitive and most of all, you get to handle the snake. Shipping a snake will cost from $40-100 depending on where you get it and adds stress for the snake. Getting it at a show will save yot he shipping costs at the very least, if not more money than that. It will also let you see the snake in a somewhat more calm state than after being boucned around a cardboard box for 24 hours. I have purchased from a show, from a shop, and online. My online purchase has taken way longer to settle in than any of my others. And I spoke to a fellow snake person that handled the snake at the shop before shipping to give me an idea of its temperament. So unless he lied or the shop swapped snakes on me, shipping is what has but an edge on the little guy. He is calming down though so it is only temporary. I am not saying I will never order another snake to be shipped, but I would make it my last choice.
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