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Hi!! XD

Hello everyone!! First time I've joined an animal forum, which is strange considering I love animals. I don't really want to just leave this at just a "Hi" and I'm unsure how to make my first post, so I guess I should start on how I became to love reptiles.

My fascination with snakes came long before I owned a reptile of any kind. But I had to work myself (and my family ) up to it. It started with a turtle I had always wanted from the local pet shop as a birthday present from my father. Then leading into a few years later, a tiny wild caught frog with one eye and quite a few more of his friends. Where I learned that even a creature so simple and tiny as a tree frog could bond with you. Nemo, as I called him, would sit in little "houses" or pools of water around where I did my homework for hours. He would even sit on my shoulder while I walked around the house or did chores. Still to this day I don't know his exact species. I was told he was a Coral Reef Tree Frog, but looks nothing like them. He looked more like a cross between a Grey Tree Frog and a Wood Frog. Anyway, my mother continued my love for amphibians by purchasing a Red Eyed Tree Frog for me--which my older more knowledgeable self would change, as they are not a beginner frog and probably shouldn't have been owned by a 12 year old.

After all my wild caught frogs had passed away a new reptile was emerging into growing popularity and for such a reasonable price I ended up acquiring three Crested Geckos! Fast forward a few years down the road and ready to start becoming a snake owner, I saw one I really liked in the local pet store and made plans to make it my Christmas present to myself. When I asked the clerk if I could hold the snake it flew out of my hand, and I decided that wasn't the right snake I was looking for (I don't even remember what kind of snake it was). I told him I was looking for a hand buddy. So he told me to try this one out and put a baby Kenyan Sand Boa in my hands. He was so cute! I knew nothing about them, which was not my usual protocol, but I brought him home that night and vowed to learn whatever I could so he would be happy. ((I must also note that there has never been an animal I've owned without having extensive knowledge and research on them aside from the few creatures I've caught or were handed to me. When I want to own an animal, I find out what they need and am prepared before I purchase)) My mother soon grew to love him as much as I do. As it was the perfect docile natured snake to turn her view of snakes around. I've now owned him for nearly 4 happy years. And have just recently added a new member to the family, a baby Western Hognose snake.

I try to the best of my ability to apply knowledge, understanding, and compassion for my creatures and pets even if they might not understand it.
I hope to continue to learn more about snakes and other reptiles through this forum, even though I know this is primarily a snake forum, I'm sure you guys welcome other reptiles.

Anyways, thanks for reading and nice ta meetcha'!
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Re: Hi!! XD

Welcome to sSNAKESs!!
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Re: Hi!! XD

Welcome to the forums!
I am no expert. I’m just knowledgeable in reptiles, I’ll do my best to help you.
“The Only Difference Between Fear and Respect is Knowledge”(Daniel Jensen).
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