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●★★★● 11-18-17 10:20 PM

Please help! Scale rot
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So, I saw this burmese python in our farm and I rescued and fed him cause he was thin back then. I noticed some reddish scales on his belly but didnt tought about it that much because he was very thin. Then after a couple of weeks these red spots began to spread all over his body. His gaining weight right now but im worried about his skin... I looked up some do it yourself medications online and started to bathe him with potassium permanganate everyday.. When he shed 4 days ago his skin got so much better but after a while these dark scales keep comming up ... Is this brown spots because of the potassium permanganate or it it that the medication doesnt work? ... Any other suggestions? ...

Aaron_S 11-22-17 11:04 AM

Re: Please help! Scale rot
The last picture looks more like water blisters.

The pink scales I doubt are scale rot since it's small groupings and not along the belly. It could be fungal and should be checked by a vet.

TRD 11-22-17 03:11 PM

Re: Please help! Scale rot
It's a wild snake it can be any number of things from internal/external parasites, fungi, bacterial, etc. If you wish to help, then take the animal the a vet.

Probably going from the wild to captivity doesn't help either because it will stress the snake and has impact on its immune system.

Andy_G 11-22-17 03:13 PM

Re: Please help! Scale rot
Bacterial septicemia can manifest like this as well as the other conditions mentioned by the others. I'm unfortunately leading to the septicemia from untreated belly rot that then went systemic hence the rash type lesions, but I don't have the credentials for you to rely on that nor will I recommend a treatment method. Differential diagnosis is essential here. That snake must be assessed by a competent vet.

Good luck with everything.

Albert Clark 11-23-17 06:38 PM

Re: Please help! Scale rot
I agree with the septicemia probability. The look of the lesions is very similar and the history although incomplete leans toward at least 2 preexisting infections which have gone untreated. Thus septicemia is a good possibility. Exotic vet for the confirmation.

●★★★● 12-03-17 09:09 PM

Re: Please help! Scale rot
I didn't return it to the wild because its most likely that this one is an abandon/escaped/released animal. Based on my knowledge there are no burmese pythons native to our country, philippines, especially albinos which are most likely to be hunted by other animals. And i forgot to mention that this animal is extremely tamed that it wont strike even if you poke its muzzle.... Anyway there's no exotic vet here in our province so I asked a small animal vet.. He gave the snake systemic antibiotic regularly(by schedule) but being a bit unfamiliar with snake husbandry and other diseases he can only do so much

●★★★● 12-03-17 09:13 PM

Re: Please help! Scale rot
I was hoping that someone with the same experience could give a little bit of advise or something that the vet prescribed as a home treatment. But thank you all guys for your replies :).. This guy is slightly looking better and Im hoping for a more positive response next molt

Albert Clark 12-04-17 12:22 PM

Re: Please help! Scale rot
Unfortunately there is no home treatment for a existing bacterial, fungal, or viral pathogens that may be ravaging inside of a reptile. The main causative agent has to be identified and properly treated. The small animal vet may be your best bet for really getting this eradicated. What we can do as keepers is to raise the ambient temps and humidity ( by a few degrees and percent) to kickstart the animal's immune system into fighting mode. However , this is just a husbandry adjustment that needs to be complimented with the appropriate professional intervention, assessment, and treatment.

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