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A Few General Carpet Questions

Hi all,

Im in the market for a new snake. Currently have 2 ball pythons and looking for a little more challenge, diversity, activity, and something larger... Anyway, ive pretty much decided on a carpet.

I'm thinking about a Jungle. I am so attracted to that black and yellow combo. Just wondering as I've seen mixed information. Is that color known to fade over the years? I've seen info stating that they get brighter yellow as they grow, others say the yellow fades over the years. I am sure there are a lot of differences between individual snakes. I'm just looking for some first hand info.

Also, assuming i get a juvenile until it gains some size I'm planning on keeping it in a 36x18x18 exo-terra that i already have, but once it grows I am planning on building my own PVC enclosure with 1/2" from Home Depot. I was thinking a 4x2x2 enclosure as a lifetime home. Any thoughts on the size? I'm thinking 1/4" clear acrylic on hinges for a door and viewing window. Seems like a fairly standard enclosure from my research, just looking for opinions. I haven't decided on best heating/lighting options yet.

The more i see other morphs and different sub-species the more i waver on what to go with LoL I go back and forth, Jungle, Coastal, caramel, red... ugh, decisions decisions. I definitely want something that's going to be a good display animal, with some size...but bottom line this is a pet, for my wife and me (mainly for me LoL). I'm going to do my best to give it a good home, get it used to handling, give it a good snake life

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated
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