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Is my snake sick?

Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum and don't know if this is the best place for this post so please refer me elsewhere if needed.

Basically, the past two weeks or so my Jungle Carpet Python has not been acting himself. He has literally just sat in the same spot in his terrarium nonstop. I haven't even seen him drink water, though I'm assuming he has been. For a while I thought he was gonna shed, and I think he still may, because his eyes got really gray and he has had what looks to be skin on his face. So to help him, I have been misting him as well as his terrarium more often recently to help with moisture, but so far he has not shed and he is still just sitting there. He is also acting really pissy when I tried to pick him up the other day.

I'm low on money currently and need an HONEST opinion about whether or not I should bring him to a vet. I don't have a moisture gauge yet (also because of money), but the temps in the cage are roughly 80 in the cool and 91 in the hot part. I know it needs to be lower in the cool part but that's literally the temperature of my house and I can't afford to keep the AC on all summer. Please see pictures and let me know what you think. Normally my snake is pretty active and likes hanging out on his dowels or will hide under his rock but lately he's just been in this one area. He last ate about 2.5 weeks ago and I haven't bought him a rat since then because I don't think he would eat it based on his activity level.


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Re: Is my snake sick?

Nice looking JCP Cody. How long have you had him? Was he eating, pooping, and shedding without issues previously? If so, he's most likely just getting ready to shed. My coastal has been in the same spot for the last 10 days or so too. I'm sure he's prepping to shed. Your temp gradient is good at 80-90. I don't think carpets need really high humidity as long as they're well hydrated. I hardly ever mist my carpets and have never had any RIs or bad sheds. My humidity ranges from 30-60%. I just like to occasionally give them a little rain . Keep an eye on him and if doesn't pick it up in a week or so a vet visit may be in order. Nobody likes unexpected vet bills that's why it's a good idea to keep a little kitty on the side just in case of emergency. Keep us posted on his progress.
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Re: Is my snake sick?

Hi sorry for not responding sooner! The morning after I sent my original post I came downstairs to see a nice long shed waiting in the terrarium. So I guess it WAS that he needed to shed after all hehe. Thank you for the response. He had been pooping no problem. And I've officially had him for about 3 or 4 years but I he has been living with a friend for the past year or so. When we was younger I didn't remember it taking him so long to shed, which is why I was worried. But now he's up and moving and just ate a rat today so we are good. Thanks again!
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