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Cage sizing

Hello everyone,

I currently have a (I believe, male) approx. 4 year old jungle-jag sib carpet python, who is approx. 5' long.

I continued to increase his cage size as he grew, and he's currently in a large and very heavy 36X 18 X 36 terrarium.

I'm starting to wonder if it's *too* big, and I'm moving soon.

What is the ideal cage size for a snake this large?

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Re: Cage sizing

That's a good size cage. I'd actually argue that it's maybe even a little small in regards to floor space depending on how active he is. What makes you wonder if it's too large? Is the snake always hiding?
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Re: Cage sizing

Certainly not too large. I agree with Andy, if you were purchasing a cage, I would say 48x36x18 would be a good lifetime cage for your snake.
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Re: Cage sizing

I wouldn't say it's too large. The height is good, depending on how active he is I'd go 48" wide. My carpet will end up in a 4x2x2 as an adult.
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Re: Cage sizing

At this age, is the vertical height as important?

I'm having issues with finding ways to mount a horizontal 'perch' of sorts for him to coil on. It would be easier for him to bask if there wasn't as much height, and as I understand it, height is more important for juvie c.p.
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