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Carpet Python constipation :/


I have a female jungle carpet python, approximately 11 years old. She is constipated, the last time she defecated is about 6 weeks ago. Just before her last feed. This is the second time this has happened, first time lasted around 2.5 months. I took her to the vet and he was able to get everything out.

So after the vet got everything out, he pointed out what seemed to be a calcium rock ( for lack of a better term). Now when I feel her, she's bloated but I can feel the same thing inside right now. It feels like an actual round rock. I'll be taking her to another vet this week, as a moved 6 months ago.

My question to you is what steps can I take to prevent this from happening again? I have a fogger, the humidity and temps are fine. I soak her in a tub every other day for an hour. There is a UV bulb on the tank. I also take her out every other day and let her crawl around and get moving. The enclosure is a 100 gallon terrarium.

She just seems so lethargic and weak, it's heartbreaking.

I also have a boa around the same age who eats, poops and sheds like clockwork.

Any information and tips are greatly appreciated.

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Re: Carpet Python constipation :/

What you feel and what the vet took out would be urates I am quite certain. There are a few things that can cause constipation, but most cases are caused by dehydration. What are the actual numbers involved with your husbandry? Where and how are you taking your readings? How are you heating the cage? What kind of substrate? What size food is she eating? More specificity is required in order for us to help you over a forum, unfortunately. Hope to hear more from you soon.
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Re: Carpet Python constipation :/

Radiograph to look for fractured vertebrae too. This can cause difficulty with deification. Often overlooked. More commonly dehydration, but at 11yrs, you gotta think of "old people stuff".
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Re: Carpet Python constipation :/

Wow I wonder what happen here... Did she poo? ...I know in humans Lack of proper oil in the diet can cause constipation... If this were my snake I which it over to a higher fat content meal... I'm not sure what that would be... I'm pretty sure some here knows the answer... But you need to get back with more if.... If you're still there!
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