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sierraluck00 09-12-19 05:14 PM

Need help identifying gender
Hello! Iím new to this forum and had a question about my milk snake. He/she shed its skin and I was wondering if someone could help me identify whether its a male or female based on the # of scales on the tail.

sierraluck00 09-13-19 11:02 AM

Re: Need help identifying gender
Here is the link to the photo

Aaron_S 09-13-19 11:49 AM

Re: Need help identifying gender
No? I've never heard of this method. When people do a scale count at the base of the tail it's how deep the probe goes when inserted into the cloaca. You should visit with someone who can help you with this in person.

chairman 09-19-19 06:10 PM

Re: Need help identifying gender
You can typically sex cornsnakes and kingsnakes by counting the scales from the vent to the tip of the tail. High counts, 140+, indicate male. Counts under 130 indicate female. I'm not sure if the counting method works for milks.

If it does work for milks, I'd say it looks female, though the pic gets a bit blurry.

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