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Milk snake help (long sorry)

I grew up with my brother having 2 snakes 3 of my friends having different snakes, so I am no stranger to keeping them, Iíve socialized with many. But this is something Iíve never felt with. I have so many issues I need help with. My wifeís parents found an albino Honduran milk snake at their self run business. They found it curled in a corner near the garage door I can only assume he squeezed through. They asked their neighbors if anyone was missing a snake and No response. This snake is by far the most skittish snake Iíve ever seen flighting into a wooden cave we bought for him the moment you walk by. It has a few wounds on it that seem to be either teeth marks or possibly even abuse? They are single what are almost poke holes that are nowhere near each other on its body which makes me want to rule out an animal but I canít exac do that because Iíve been handed this snake by my in-laws with absolutely no back story and no explanation of what I am dealing with. There is nothing online whatsoever and as Iíve called vets in the area hoping to have it looked at, and they almost all had the same prepared response of ďwe do not have the right equipment to handle any snakesĒ I have an almost fascination with these creatures and I adore them more than anything. But does anyone have any idea what I could do to try and socialize it or deal with his wounds? What kind of danger to his health do these wounds have? They already seem to be partially healed but I just donít know. It is about 20Ē long so Iím assuming about a year old
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