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Re: New Babies

I was at the same show! That's such a pretty king, I have mine on aspen and he loves it, tunnels everywhere. Super active, I eventually added a good sized branch because he was always climbing up the styrofoam mountain-esque backing, you wouldn't really think they'd care to climb, he's not the greatest at it but that doesn't stop him. Never uses the hide, he built a tunnel through the hide though.

Your baby is just a little smaller than mine was, but wow has he grown. I could barely hold him when I got him, just flailed everywhere. Used to put him in a tub for feeding, he'd turn right around and come at me greased lightening. Not anymore, he's gotten smart enough to differentiate between me and food time.

I like how you noticed the scales, that was one of the first things that caught my eye, they feel so nice and smooth, but kings aren't always the best wrappers like a retic or carpet, they'll slide off you pretty easy. He's much more calm now, I've had him just under a year. I love albino kings when they get adult-size, they just look amazing and their smooth scales are so impressive. Penelope's eyes are definitely super red, moreso than a lot of others, very cool!

You just really can't go wrong with a king, I'd personally recommend them as firsts or beginners over BPs and even corns, I've just had such a great experience with mine. I'm sure lots of keepers have their share of problems, but it's hardy, very easy to tame/calm (I wanted to see a full-grown one at a local shop, guy opened the viv and bam, latched onto his index finger within a split second. 3 - 4 months later, same snake, handled it no problem, no signs of aggression, never would have even thought it was the same snake!), and eats whenever and pretty much whatever you want it to.

Anyways sorry I get a little excited when I see kings, I love them all but I've always been a little partial to him. Always happy to come out, always happen to go back in (at least he doesn't put up a fight, I'm sure he'd love to just roam around the house), just cool snakes in general. You'll be happy for sure.

Wanted to put this in here too, just a neat comparison! Here's what gives kingsnakes the edge in snake-to-snake combat
1.0 Red-tail Boa | 0.1 Kenyan Sand Boa | 1.1 Yellow Anaconda | 1.0 Albino Brooks Kingsnake | 0.0.1 Eastern Ribbon Snake | 0.2 Reticulated Python | 2.2 Ball Python | 0.1 Blood Python

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Re: New Babies


That's perfectly fine! I love hearing about people and their snakes I'm so glad Penelope was a good choice. I researched a lot about snakes before I decided on a CA King.

I think later today I'm going to try feeding her (again) and if she doesn't eat it I'll leave it on top of a bare flat surface for a little while, and also leave the tongs in her viv so she gets used to them. She HATES the tongs.

Luckily she loves the new substrate! You can see so many tunnels in the aspen, and she pops her head out real far sometimes and darts back in if someone walks past. My housemates love her. I replaced her second hide with the fake plant and she is quite happy with that. The little weirdo cleared some of the substrate underneath it away though, and in the opposite corner somehow managed to put the aspen in a little pile. Whatever floats her boat I guess.

I'm looking for a branch to put in there. I have a flat rock that I've been boiling and baking. I tried doing the same with some sticks but I actually managed to hurt myself doing it. Kinda worried about putting wood I found outside in there, but I found a local reptile person who said it was fine if I went through the process of making it safe.

More pics! I just love pictures of her c:

0.0.1 CA Kingsnake (Penelope) 0.0.1 Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula (Pumpkin)
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