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Speckled King

Here's a few pics of the male speckled king I picked up at the Hamburg show last April. Actually got a pair, but lost the female before leaving the parking lot. I opened the deli cup and she slipped out of my hands and under the seat in my girlfriend's Nissan. When I looked under the seat I discovered there was some sort of narrow vent opening, and apparently she had gone down into that, never to be seen again. Will find another female one day, hopefully as good looking as this guy.

Great disposition, usually stays buried in the aspen/paper substrate. I have to roust him out for feeding, occasionally he buzzes the tail, but quickly stops when he sees/scents the dangling food.
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Re: Speckled King

Nice looker you have there!

But You won't believe what I picked up from a seller near you! $80 buys a lot these days...check out the Boa thread
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Re: Speckled King

Beautiful snake! Congrats! Big on my wish list for awhile now, I'm jealous. Hopefully someday.
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Re: Speckled King

Awesome addition TnB. Speckled kings are one of my favorite kingsnake ssp.
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Re: Speckled King

Great addition. Definitely one of my favorite kings, and one of my favorite Louisiana natives.
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