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Ugh! Milk Snake Always Musking.....

So, all of the sudden my Milk Snake began to musk on me. (I think it is musk. Is it musk? I think it is, but I am not sure. It is clear liquid with white chunks and it SMELLS super bad) The first time it was when he was in shed. I was doing cage maintenance, and took him out to do so. He musked all over me! I was grossed out but associated it with him shedding, thus not wanting to be taken out. However, a few days later after it shed, Slinky musked on me again! It has been like that ever since, with him doing this to me whenever I take him out. I have tried handling him less, but that just made him extra flighty and made maintenance difficult. I have also tried holding him more than usual, and that just made him musk more. Have any of you guys experienced something like this? What are the causes? And how do I prevent it? Thanks guys, me and my musk smelling clothes will thank you for it!
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Re: Ugh! Milk Snake Always Musking.....

My pueblan milk has been musking me for 6 months at least and is super flighty. Not sure if or when it will stop. Enjoy the free
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Re: Ugh! Milk Snake Always Musking.....

Pueblans are notorious for it. Not all of them stop. All you can do is keep trying.
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Re: Ugh! Milk Snake Always Musking.....

Buy a box of disposable gloves
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Re: Ugh! Milk Snake Always Musking.....

The cause is that it's a milk snake lol. It'll get better with time and as it grows older.
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Re: Ugh! Milk Snake Always Musking.....

I have had my Sinoloan Milk for over eleven years, and never had a musk. It could just be the species. It's difficult to know why temper changes.I would say keep the handling frequent and hope that it reverts back to less stink attacks. Good luck!
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Re: Ugh! Milk Snake Always Musking.....

Pueblans do tend to musk a bit more than other Milk snake species... some of them tame down and others don't, I hope yours will!
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