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Plumbstring 10-10-16 12:08 AM

MBK Growth rate?
I was interested to know if anyone here had a growth rate chart for a MBK my Hannibal is 1 actual hatch date unknown. When I got him he was tiny maybe 8-9 inches from a breeder in Idaho at a reptile show in utah. Which comes back this weekend yay more babies.
When I got him he took a pinky right away, after that he did not eat for months. Not till the weather warmed up for some reason I kept his habitat constant but no go. It's like he knew there was snow outside. He is now a eating machine he is almost the length of his 20 gal long. Maybe shy 4-5 inches. He is long but not girthy is this normal? He takes about 4 fuzzy mice a week now. Thanks again for all the help.

dave himself 10-10-16 01:30 AM

Re: MBK Growth rate?
There are no charts for the growth rate of any snakes I'm sorry to say the feeding schedule usually sets the pace at which the snake grows plus genetics will play a part as well

Plumbstring 10-10-16 10:32 AM

Re: MBK Growth rate?
Fair enough was just trying to see if any documented from there own experience. So I can make my own comparison

dave himself 10-10-16 12:41 PM

Re: MBK Growth rate?
There are a few owners of MBKs on here hopefully one of them will chime in here soon and be more helpful :)

Plumbstring 10-10-16 05:05 PM

Re: MBK Growth rate?
Thanks hopefully some one will chime in

Andy_G 10-10-16 05:10 PM

Re: MBK Growth rate?
If he is eating 4 fuzzies a week he is ready for hopper mice at the least. Being on smaller prey for a long time can certainly slow down growth.

Plumbstring 10-10-16 06:11 PM

Re: MBK Growth rate?
So if I bump up he prey size will he become girthy?

Andy_G 10-10-16 06:33 PM

Re: MBK Growth rate?
It probably will...but it may not. It would be a more appropriate food item if nothing else.

Plumbstring 10-10-16 07:12 PM

Re: MBK Growth rate?
Perhaps only time will tell with my hannibal.

SWDK 10-10-16 08:20 PM

Re: MBK Growth rate?
In just over six months my hatchling MBK went from 10" and eating pinks to 18" and eating large fuzzy mice.

EL Ziggy 10-10-16 09:10 PM

Re: MBK Growth rate?
@ Plumb- My MBK was hatched on 4/17/13. I got her on 6/20/13. As far as growth rates, she weighed 294g on 4/26/14, 610g on 5/2/15, and 900g on 9/10/16. She's usually a beast at feeding time but she will take food breaks during the colder months. I agree that if your king is eating 4 fuzzys it's time to increase the prey size. I usually feed mine 10-15% of their body weight per feeding when they're young and scale it back after two years. They eat every 5-7 days until they're one, every 7-10 days until they're two, and every 10-14 days after that.

Plumbstring 10-10-16 09:31 PM

Re: MBK Growth rate?
Thanks guys well with the reptile show coming up Saturday I will be stocking up on later frozen prey for him and my florida king. Should I keep feeding my florida small rats or should I prepare and stock up and larger prey for her as well?

Andy_G 10-11-16 03:39 PM

Re: MBK Growth rate?
Small rats is fine for a florida kingsnake.

Plumbstring 11-01-16 07:36 PM

Re: MBK Growth rate?
Thanks quick update on my children of the scales. My MBK had a good shed, along with my florida king. Both are doing well my MBK has put on a significant amount of girth since switching to hoppers. An the Florida king leaned up an grew a few inches. So all is well.

Plumbstring 11-01-16 09:12 PM

Re: MBK Growth rate?
Here is a before and after of my MBK. An a photo of my florida kings shed almost at 4 feet. She is maybe 4 feet by now

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