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Pueblan Milk Snake Shedding?

So I'm a pretty new snake owner, got a 3ish yr old apricot pueblan milk snake and would like opinions as to what he's doing?

This past weekend his colors got kind of faded looking and his eyes went all milky which I've read multiple times is a sign that he's shedding. I've been checking on him now and then but otherwise leaving him alone. Haven't handled or fed him since he went all milky-eyed. Today, when I checked on him the colors have gotten brighter again (mostly) and his eyes are back to black like usual. The thing is, I don't see a snake skin anywhere in the tank??? Is he right next to being done now?? Is the skin hidden somewhere in the bedding? Was it something else completely and I was too new to this to tell?

I'd appreciate any help I can get... thank you!
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Re: Pueblan Milk Snake Shedding?

When a snake goes into shed they get that 'milky' color, but they go back to looking normal for a couple days before actually shedding. Don't worry, he'll shed soon.
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Re: Pueblan Milk Snake Shedding?

^^ agreed your probably 2-3 days away from a shed.
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Re: Pueblan Milk Snake Shedding?

Agreed with the above, they will cloud up and then about 2-3 day past you should see a shed.
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