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Hognose venom "debate" over.

Well at least it is for me! Other sites there are many people who are firmly one one side of the fence or the other as to if hognoses are venomous or not. I know my first experience with a bite, there was only a small localized reaction, and benadryl seemed to help. So, I was still unsure as to if it was venom, or from the snake's saliva.
There was another post on here recently, where the issue was brought up again, and it was made a little clearer that they do have primative venom glands.
I have to say, after last night...I agree. Benadryl is NOT working this time.

Right after the bite.

an hour later

today. As you can see, since i was bitten at about 11 pm last night...there is a pretty serious reaction! Numbness, and soreness are from the swelling. And there is a LOT of is the tightest swelling i've ever had. Man it hurts!!
Radiating all the way around the hand, mostly on the back, but now reaching the wrist. It will have been about 24 hours later once i painstakingly type this and get it posted *lol*

So, all i was doing was cleaning out his cage. I usually hold him in the palm of my hand. He chills out, no big deal. Yesterday, i got my new garter snakes and had cut up some fish for them. I realized too late, after his bite, that my hands still faintly smelled of fish. He just sat there until i was done with his tank, and then just...ate me! lol and HARD not striking, just next thing i knew i was being bitten. He would NOT let go. I held him under water....he wasn't even wiggling. Finally my husband tried to drip some alcohol on his nose (i hated doing that)...that didn't really work either, so i tried the water again, and he finally losened. But then we realized his rear facing fangs were stuck, so we kind of had to push him off.
He's fine. Congealed blood and snake mouth slime everwhere. By the time he let go i was already swollen.

Later, i went and gave him a freshwater silverside fish. He gobbled it down *rolls eyes*

So, i am faced with this huge giant bubble of a hand. They sent me home from work today (i told them it was a bee sting...LOL) and I do have a doctor's appointment. Just one i needed anyway for a check up...maybe they can give me a shot.
Anyone know about this in regards as to what i can do for the swelling in the meantime? it's so huge and awkward. Really really tight and painful. I honestly think it's getting bigger, too, still.
Compression? I'm taking some benadryl anyway, i don't really know what else to do!
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