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Smile What snake do you recommend as the next step up from beginner?

Hey Iím a somewhat intermediate snake keeper and I want to take the next step up to a larger python or maybe a boa Iíve had experience with a couple other snake species ball pythons and sand boas and really want something more substantial I want a larger snake I love my ball python and sand boa but I want to get something thatís a lot larger I know pythons like rock pythons and retics arenít reccomended for people who are knew to keeping large snakes but i was wondering what any of you guys thought. I was looking into burms and Central American boas already and I want a snake species that can become as tame or close to as tame as a ball python just withought the whole potato feel that comes off them and I want something large but not massive I was thinking the 8 to 15 foot range also I want a species of snake thatís slightly forgiving with there care so if I accidentally screw up slightly like forget too must for like a day or have to leave on vacation they wonít die on me.
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Re: What snake do you recommend as the next step up from beginner?

8 to 15 foot is pretty much every large species of snake.

Your best bet is BCC or a female BI boa. I'd look at those. They get around the size you're looking for, closer to the 6 - 9 foot range. Girthy, easily docile, forgiving husbandry.
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Re: What snake do you recommend as the next step up from beginner?

King cobra

8-15' is a huge range and there is a wide variety in terms of body build even within the same length. Small snakes give you next to no useful experience for dealing with giants. A large BCI or average BCC would be a better choice.

This is an example of a standard male burm

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