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pyrrhic 02-09-18 02:11 PM

Morelia amethistina
I'm looking for a Canadian Breeder for M. Amethistina. With the dismal leads i have seenI'm thinking i should have tried to stuff Reptilia's scrub in a sack or something when i was volunteering there. Then again i think they might have let me try just for the laugh too.

Now seriously i'd like to buy a CCB not steal an adult from a respected Zoo. Shame as a zoo they can no longer sell reptiles.
I'm thinking if i can't find a Canadian breeder in a year or two i may have to bite the bullet and just visit an US breeder in person to pick a baby out. I will not pick a snake out over the internet. I prefer to look and handle them before i buy one. I have an old thread in which i believe DM exotics was named but are there any M. Amethistina breeders in the US?

TeamSlitherin 02-09-18 04:04 PM

Re: Morelia amethistina
If you have Facebook, there's a group called Scrub Pythons which has a number of very experienced keepers and breeders. I've heard nothing but great things about Dan at DM Exotics and I know he just got a shipment of farm hatched babies last month. I'm sure you'll get other scrub keepers chiming in with good info soon!

pyrrhic 02-12-18 05:39 AM

Re: Morelia amethistina
hmm. never really looked into facecrack. i did have scrub python traders group and somehow just assumed that was all there was. thanks

TeamSlitherin 02-12-18 06:31 AM

Re: Morelia amethistina
Haha, it's really the only thing I care to look at on Facebook these days ;) There are several members currently breeding. Are you looking for a specific locality?

pyrrhic 02-12-18 06:48 AM

Re: Morelia amethistina
not particularly. my only real stickler right now is CCB baby and canadian. but im will to bet money that by next year that will change to canadian or US breeder.

As for local i'm not actually sure yet. I'm a actually a lil confused with all the diff names these snakes have. I'm just going by the one at reptilia with was an M. Amethistina. I never asked then what local it was. never occurred to me. I do know it was a private donation so they may not even know themselves. I already have a very inquisitive Moluccan python. By far my most curious snake. She always take notice and investigates anything moving around her area.

TeamSlitherin 02-12-18 07:02 AM

Re: Morelia amethistina
Oh, nice! Clastolepis are beautiful. How big is she? I brought home my first scrub in August; a S. Nauta. Definitely the most intelligent and alert snake I've met thusfar!

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