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Help with temps for my new burm !!!

So I FINALLY got a Burmese after wanting one for years and doing all the research etc .. he is a albino granite Burmese about 12 foot he currently is being housed in a 4x3x3 wood enclosure (only while I am currently building a larger one for him) with thick acrylic door it's the enclosure that was givin to me with him it came with a red heat lamp to the one side after setting it all up with thermostat and heat pad thermometers on each side I added the large human heat pad because the bulb was not getting warm enough and I wanted to add some belly heat for him as well .. I have the heat pad which is water proof under the bulb to give him a nice warm basking spot. Originally I had the thermostat probe on the heat pad under the light which was reading a constant level of what I wanted but the light was constantly being turned on and off every ten mins by thermostat and the cooler side of enclosure was sitting in low 70s I then read the probe should be about a inch off the ground for burms somewhere so I now have moved it about a inch off the ground to the side wall next to the heat pad and under the bulb area the bulb is now staying on a lot more constant so far has not turned off once. before doing this he seemed abit lethargic and not moving much and was just coiled up in the cool side of enclosure constantly unless I opened it... now he seems to be very alert and sitting in the warm area under the light on the pad connected to thermostat and is reading 81.6 f currently (remember probe is now a inch above heat mat on wall and just moved the probe about 30 mins ago) and the temp is rising still as soon as I made the changes he became more alert and moved to the warm spot the cooler side is reading 79.0 f on the thermometer which the probe for that is on the centre ground under the newspaper and paper towel layer .. wondering if this seems to be right ? Or if anyone has any suggestions for change to set up or how I should heat the larger one when it's done or what I should do to this one for now .. I have lots of ball pythons but this is my first burm and I'm very paranoid I don't want my handsome man getting a respiratory infection or anything so any tips appreciated ... p.s I plan on using a pig heat mat for the new one I build ... idk do I seem to have this if I have explained myself properly ? I hope I'm just being over protective of my snake lol but want to make sure
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Re: Help with temps for my new burm !!!

Pay attention to temps and humidity. I'm just getting back into burms and relearning everything. I try to keep a basking spot around 90-91F degrees. Humidity between 70-80%. I used the red pig pads for my larger enclosures in the past and really liked them. I used a ceramic tank heater (CTH) for the overhead heat source. As you noticed moving the plug will level out the activity of the heating units and bring the entire enclosure to a more level and steady gradient.

I hope this helps a little. I think we all stress a bit over our first couple snakes. It sounds like you've got things under control.
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