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skin78 09-29-03 12:31 PM

Boiga cynodon
Do any of you guys have these snakes?? or worked with them/.. How venemous are they?? A couple of dumb "friends" of mine took al couple in their home.. She is a hart patient and he is most of the time of to work. so she has to handle the snakes..
I said they should get rid of them but what do you guys think.. can't find much on their venoum.

Cheers Niek

Dr. Bryan Fry 09-29-03 04:39 PM

Hi mate

Their venom is pretty standard Boiga, ie. chockers full of neurotoxic 3FTx (three-finger toxins). These are the signature molecule of elapid venoms. However the danger isn't normally that high (but with a heart patient who knows). In anycase, if she uses hooks she should be right.

If you want to read up on their venom, download one of our articles


skin78 09-30-03 08:55 AM

cheers Dr.Bryan I will download it and send a copy to them.

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