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My Spotted Python will not eat ....

I have a 4-month old Male spotted python. I have tried for the last two-nights to feed him and he refuses to eat. I've offered him f/t pinkies. He just will not eat. I've looked at him and he does not show any signs of molting, so I don't really know at this point why this animal will not eat.

Is there anyone who could dialogue with me about this ...?

He is currently in a 10-gallon glass aquarium tank with a mesh hood (covered partly with Aluminum Heat Tape), he has an UTH and an overhead Hood Lamp as well. There is a hygrometer in his tank to monitor Temp/Humidity levels. The Temps on the warm end at 86-88, and on the cool end 76-78. Humidity level is 60%. He has 2 hides, one on each end of the tank.

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Re: My Spotted Python will not eat ....

Calm down just a moment...

First, how long have you had the snake?

It is not uncommon for snakes to take around 7-10 days to settle in to a new home before they are willing to eat. If you haven't had the snake that long then it might just need more time to settle in.

Secondary, did the person you got the snake from mention what it is eating or how it eats? Some young snakes will prefer live pinks and will need time to adjust; snakes rarely starve themselves, but sometimes they need to get a little hungry to eat.

Another possibility is that your cage needs a little more cover; maybe add some silk plant vines in the cage?

Realistically, wait a week. Then, try thawing a mouse and leaving it overnight. If that doesn't work then wait another week, thaw the mouse in low sodium broth, then offer it at night.
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Re: My Spotted Python will not eat ....

Ok, first off, you calm down and wait a minute ......

Eveything you just mentioned, I have already done and tried. So, realistically, just wait a minute.

I've had the snake since NOVEMBER 30th. It's wayyyyyyyyyyy beyond the 7-10 day period of adjustment. It was eating live pinkies ........So SORRY to have to mention but you just can not under any circumstances GET OR FIND LIVE PINKY MICE HERE IN THE MIDDLE OF NEW JERSEY. And not at PETCO or PETSMART EITHER.

Cover? Vines? Plants? The cage is LOADED WITH THEM. Next .......

Huh? Thawing a PINKY and leaving it overnight you say? DUH! Done that already, Gee, at least 10 times......tried the chicken broth too....Next......
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