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Favorite BP morph?

What is y'alls favorite ball python morph?
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Re: Favorite BP morph?

a normal... at least in my opinion, is the best looking
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Re: Favorite BP morph?

I don't have a BP, but from looking at them I have to agree with TRD. The normals appeal most. If I was asked to choose one morph based solely on looks it would probably be the pied. Do have to add that Riddick's Butter Stripe girl is a real looker.
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Re: Favorite BP morph?

I really like banana and axanthic BPs, but the normal ones are very pretty too!
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Re: Favorite BP morph?

I do think normals are underrated. the contrasting markings are very pretty and I wouldnt hesitate to own one if i were taking in more balls. But to answer the question, Pied, hands down. Black Eyed Lucy next. All of the stripes I ahve seen have been good looking too. We have a cinnamon and he a nice looking snake but we bought him because he was just so cool and collected witht he family handling him. I have enjoyed him more than I expected to. Some of the pastels are nice but they can vary wildly. Picked up a baby pastel for my oldest daughter and he is nice looking.

Here is Wedjet, the cinnamon, doing what balls do...

And here is Dufus (my temporary name for him) being camera shy...
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Re: Favorite BP morph?

I'm not a huge BP fan but I do like those Mystic Potion BPs.
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