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Dmurphy95 07-26-17 07:00 PM

In With the New
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So I got some good news and some bad news.
The good news is also the reason I am posting all of a sudden in here rather than in the Rosy or Red Tail Threads.

Bad news:
My Rosy Boa Lingueeno is no more. He didn't get sick or anything-- I did learn my little man had some neuralogical problems, but he still ate like a champ and was curious to explore every time I got him outside his enclosure.
Problem is that a few times he got himself out of his enclosure. I was lucky enough to find him the other two times-- first time when I was out doing a job babysitting and had to stay over a few nights, but I found him soon after I got home. (He had likely gotten out that same day.) Second time was when I was home, so I found him quickly. Yes that certainly gave me heart attacks, and with sickness and weather pushing back getting him moved into his new cage (as well as Qizil's cage taking so long to get here at that point) I did my best to turn the top of his cage into a snake version of Fort-Knocks! (I butchered that I am so sorry. XD)

Unfortunately, this time I wasn't so lucky.
In the end it is the neglegence of the owner among other things that causes this, and though I was doing my best I could have nagged my Dad more. In the end, it was both my and his doing that allowed Lingueeno to escape his cage again-- despite all the...Heavy provisions I made. Despite his size that little bugger was strong.
BUT he got out again while i was out doing work and had to stay over there-- again.
This time though, he'd been gone for DAYS. So by the time I got home and realized he wasn't in his cage it was too late. We searched everywhere-- constantly for days, and even went in the crawlspace into the walls looking for him, but couldn't find him.

Again, it was my own fault for not pushing to get him moved over more, but I was certainly not the only one at fault as I also learned when I came home, that NO ONE had checked my babies while I was away, despite me asking they do. All water was gone-- my rat Scout's food bowl was empty...And Lingueeno was gone. So I was angry at that as well. On top of that he forgot to feed them for me too.

So that is a sad thing I have had to come to terms with, as it has been nearly a month now and still no sign of Lingueeno. I honestly hope that he'll suddenly appear out of no-where and I can have my little noodle back, but. I can only hope and keep moving on.

And THAT my dears is where the bad news ends and the GOOD NEWS begins!

Because my friends I have become a snake mommy of two again!

I just today picked up a very handsome 3-4 year old Ball Python! His original owner unfortunately could no longer provide for him and take care of him like he is suppose to, and was looking to rehome him. My Mom found the "ad" of sorts on Facebook and we went to look at him, and bring him home today!
He seems to be doing well so far, and is more explorative and curious than he is afraid of everything! I will still give him a few days to acclimate before feeding him, but I am a very happy lady today~ !

THIS is my new little man!
Attachment 37172

He's a Bald Enchi Pinstripe; quite a pretty little boy~
Attachment 37173

Because of the reasoning for his rehoming he has been a bit underfed-- I am quite sure that even though Balls are known to be quite slow growers, he should at least be a bit thicker.
I'll be sure to get him up to a better girth for his size and age-- some good feedings will definitely help, as well as getting him on an actual feeding schedule!

Other than that slight thing though, he is very healthy, active (though probably hungry) and curious! I love this little guy!

I don't have a name for him yet though, so I'd love some suggestions if you all have any!

Thanks for the read-- I know this was long. XD Toodles~ !

EL Ziggy 07-26-17 08:10 PM

Re: In With the New
Sorry for the lost critter amd best wishes with the new BP Murph.

Dmurphy95 07-27-17 06:16 AM

Re: In With the New
Thanks, It's much appreciated. I love my new little guy a lot!

dave himself 07-27-17 06:26 AM

Re: In With the New
Sorry for your loss mate and congratulations on your new little guy

Dmurphy95 07-27-17 06:53 AM

Re: In With the New
Thank you! He's loving his new digs-- cooped up in a hide already.

I am wondering what heat lamp would be good to get the needed level of temps in his cage though-- it seems the one I have no is not working right, and I have a 75 watt. I am thinking of getting a 150 along with an appropriate lamp, but I've seen 100 watts too.

Dmurphy95 07-28-17 04:26 PM

Re: In With the New
Hello everyone, quick update here!

My Ball now has the name Mopani~
I think it fits nicely-- "sits" well on my tongue when I say it, and imagine all his pretty colors~

I do wish for a bit of imput though. I am a bit worried-- perhaps a bit too much-- but I can't quite get the temps up to where they need to be.

I will point out that since it's summer right now and it gets notoriously hot, we have air conditioners going, and I of course have one in my room.
I switch it periodically between "modes" but I do not want to die of heat stroke, so it's always on. I am quite sure that is messing with the temps a little.
I will also point out that Mopani has a glass cage while his big neighbor Qizil has that nice big boaphile now. So that is likely a bit of the problem too.

I do have a section of the screen top covered (mostly to keep in humidity, though that is proving not to be the problem here ironically) I just can't get the temps up higher to where they need to go. It's been running at around 75 F and just recently reached 80, but that was only after running all day.

I have them set on a day and night cycle when it comes to the lamps I use, but still I know it likely needs to be higher than that considering that is his hot/basking spot.

I'm using a 100 watt bulb, so do I need to switch to a 150..??
I thought the 100 watt would work, but it's still coming up short!

If these temps are ok I'll shut up and stop worrying. XD But I have noted that just about everyone who has a ball has pointed out that the basking spot is in the 90s.

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