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Help! I don't know anything about my snake.

Hello, i hope someone can help with this;
Sorry if this breaks rules or it's a stupid question.
So the story starts with my boyfriend buying himself a pet snake. Not because he loves animals but because he loved the novelty of owning an albino snake.
He was a cruel owner and because I had a phobia of snakes, the snake would only get handled when he threw a house party. He'd blow smoke in its face, intentionally scare it, couldn't be bothered to feed it, etc. I love him, but after watching someone you love act like that towards an animal without remorse... It discontinues to matter that you love them.
I still had a phobia of snakes but itd been suffering a life I wouldn't wish apon my enemies. I admit, I might of hated that snake but I knew it deserved better than that. So I left him and took the snake with me.

Fast forward three and a half years

She's the prettiest, most loveliest, happiest girl in the world.
But because she wasn't mine to begin with, I've recently realised I know nothing about her. My exboyfriend didn't write down any info about her and convinced me she was an Albino Darwin darling carpet Pythonwhich doesn't excist. The store Reptile City where he got her are adamant the previous owner took all the documents with him including my snakes.

So, is there any way to find information about a snake without documents or information on the parents?
Is the information on a snakes parents critical to owning a snake?

for example: I think it's important to know your snakes parents when it comes to breeding?
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Re: Help! I don't know anything about my snake.

Welcome to the wonderful world of snakes.

My best advice is get 5 posts and then post a picture. People can help identify it and go from there. Since it's a pet the documents of it's lineage won't actually matter.

As for care, you should be able to find some caresheets on carpet pythons on the internet. Read through a couple of those and when you've got some specific questions or find information that contradict other information we're here to help you sort through it.
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Re: Help! I don't know anything about my snake.

The details should be in the log book he would have to have had to buy the snake. Australia is very strict on registration and i doubt a tore owner would be stupid enough to sell to someone with out the proper licensing.
the species code would be recorded in the stores log as well if you can get your ex's licence number they should be able to look it up in there.
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Re: Help! I don't know anything about my snake.

You can keep that species of carpet just like any ball python or any python really. Carpets do like a little extra room and a place to perch as they are semi-aboreal. Some carpets perch more than others. If you learn yours is one that is up all the time get an overhead heat light both day and night because he will not be getting his heat from the hotspot ( under tank heater ". You shouldn't need one over 50 watts. Try and keep gentle correct handling up at least every other day short to medium sessions and you will have a awesome pet. Carpets are outstanding, smart, fun snakes to own. Congrats! If u need any other info just let me know.
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Re: Help! I don't know anything about my snake.

I should of mentioned in my last post in case you didn't know although I'm sure you do. The handling at least every other day comment should exclude the 48 hours after a meal. Just wanted to make sure you knew. Awesome snake!
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