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Re: Cuddles the Woma Python

Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
Maybe, larger meals will take longer to digest (which their systems aren't really set up for that as they don't have access to large food items in the bush...and if it is a large item, has almost no dragons or skinks)

So, they will hide and digest until they're ready again.

Better for them to have small items so they're out looking in a few days....thats how they operate in the wild. Keeps em lean and active.

Back onto this discussion again.
I am looking at this. Reason being is that she is spending all her time in the cold hide (80 degrees or less (adding insulation)). Sounds like not enough food if she enjoys it there according to a few articles to conserve energy/ slow metabolism. I say enjoys as when I take her out, I put her back in a hot hide and she will always go to the far end into the.

I know she can take a fuzzy rat, but it takes a while. Sounds like the size down weaned.

I will make a point of looking at the weaned/ adult mice going back in to the store to refill them.

An updated picture of her body: Dec 29 2016
Still looks like she has to me, except the creases are only prevalent in the first half of her body.

Update: As I finish this update, it appears that she took cue and holed up in a hot hide, but it looks like it is just for the sake of shedding (related?) as she is spinning round inside of it.
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Re: Cuddles the Woma Python

A new thing I changed with her cage while cleaning today.
I bought some Sani-chips earlier this month and today I stuffed the hides with a scoop or so.
I can see her moving stuff around in her hide, supposedly to nestle in.

I guess one could say she digs it. =P
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