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SnoopySnake 07-11-15 03:20 PM

White Lipped Python
Sooooo.....I maaay have a problem.....I went to an expo today. Aaaaand this guy came home with me. It's male, about 4 ft. I held him multiple times, he was super chill the whole time. The temp in the building was probably around 75 though so we'll see how he does once he gets warmed up. More pics to come.....

PatrickT 07-11-15 03:22 PM

Re: White Lipped Python
awesome. But i heared they are kinda nippy.

SnoopySnake 07-11-15 03:25 PM

Re: White Lipped Python
Yeah, that's the general consensus. We'll see how it goes once he gets fed and settled in.

EL Ziggy 07-11-15 04:32 PM

Re: White Lipped Python
Nice one Adrian. I really like the WLP's. I actually considered keeping one. I hope he works out great for you. Congrats!

SnoopySnake 07-11-15 04:48 PM

Re: White Lipped Python
Thanks Ziggy! I'm pretty stoked. This is the best pic I have for size reference right now.

EL Ziggy 07-11-15 06:55 PM

Re: White Lipped Python
That is one SWEEET serpent!

SnoopySnake 07-11-15 08:39 PM

Re: White Lipped Python
Ok guys, I lied, I think he's closer to 5 1/2 - 6 ft, lol. His belly is pink, looks ready to shed. More pics as promised......

EL Ziggy 07-11-15 08:45 PM

Re: White Lipped Python
Look at the iridescence on him! Somebody hit the jackpot!

valid 07-11-15 09:20 PM

Re: White Lipped Python
I admittedly am not a huge fan of pythons in general, I have nothing against them ... I like boas & boids' much better as far as aesthetics go .... But these guys are the exception. I would love to have one of these beauties some day. Congrats, I am jealous.

bigsnakegirl785 07-11-15 10:54 PM

Re: White Lipped Python
Yeah my retic was super mellow when I held her at the expo, and she didn't change much when I brought her home! Now, her clutch mate (who was a male, and I'm pretty sure he was her clutch mate - he was at least hatched at around the same time) was pretty wound up when I held him despite the cool temps (and much larger), but he was a sunfire and I preferred her wild-type colors to his.

Hopefully your's will settle in nicely as well. :P I usually prefer the black southern white-lips, but I really love how the colors blend on this one.

Wingbeats 07-11-15 11:03 PM

Re: White Lipped Python
Gooooooooorgeeeeeous! I'm tempted to get a white-lipped someday...I loove it when snakes have iridescence :) Maybe when I'm a more experienced keeper.

havoc_vulture 07-11-15 11:20 PM

Re: White Lipped Python
Awesome snake congrats on a great pick up

I just saw this on Facebook retic nation lol

dave himself 07-12-15 07:27 AM

Re: White Lipped Python
Congratulations Snoopy that's a beautiful white lipped you picked up :)

SoPhilly 07-12-15 08:03 AM

Re: White Lipped Python
Beautiful. So Jealous :).

Sublimeballs 07-12-15 09:04 AM

Re: White Lipped Python
Awe man, I'm so happy for you. I know you've wanted one of these for a while now. Congrats on the addition. Even if he does change a little..... Look at him. Congrats.

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