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Sorry: How do you blend a couple of worms in a blender? Isn't that just two or three teaspons worth of mass? Or do you blend a whole bunch of them, make a conconction, and refrigerate it for later?
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It's just a tiny bit, and I add a bit of Pedialyte or other electrolyte replacement solution diluted with water to help things whirl around a bit more smoothly. You can refrigerate for 2 days, or you could also freeze for later. I always have a boatload of rescues around so I usually use my stuff up the same day.
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How ironic... I just posted a few days ago how my awesome Gerrhosaurus n. eats like a horse and today I went to clean his cage only to notice he has regurgitated his last meal. I offered him more worms, (he LOVES supers), but he just sorta licked them, then turned away. I called his name, (usually he gets really excited when I do), but he just sorta looked up at me. I'm taking him to the vet next week... he is getting to be an 'Old Man' and I want to make sure he's doing ok. This **** thread jinxed my good luck with him! J/K I hope your lizard improves. Keep us updated!
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