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Question Leopard Geckos

Do people still buy leopard geckos? I have quite the lot but I noticed nobody has posted in the Classifieds since September 2014...
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Re: Leopard Geckos

Sshhh! That's a secret society that nobody likes to talk about!!
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Re: Leopard Geckos

Does anyone know what's going on with their trend, so to speak?
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Re: Leopard Geckos

They aren't dieing out exactly. They just aren't a craze. They are very common now. Even the stranger morphs, and the morphs that are desired by breeders just aren't important enough to the market to demand the prices people ask (12k for a blackbpearl for example). They are cheap and always available at pet stores or Craigslist as they are so easy to breed anyone can do it, even kids. So, due to this they just aren't in demand because...well...there are just so MANY of them. At ine point I had 20 of them and bread them and gor all that work that goes into the breeder care, you also have hatching, then hatchlings, then the sales. It's ALOT to go through for 20-50$. So they are fun to breed like guppies but then so many of them are hard to move unless you basically give them away free which lowers the value of the higher end geckos which are still between 100-200$ .

They will not be forgotten as they are a staple pet reptile for adults and children alike, much like Ball Pythons. But BPs are valued by breeders and a 12k pr8ced animal is easy to move within the breeding circles because of the extensive and sometimes random genetics that float around. Not to mention that it takes roughly 3 years to get a snake to breeding size but only 9 months to a year for most geckos. So they breed more often, younger, and with fewer morphs.

Great pets, but they are looking traction within the community as projects.
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