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Using an UTH & Thermostat

I have a 20L glass tank for my female Hog Island boa cross. I have an UTH attached to a Thermostat, but am having problems with getting correct readings. I have the probe from the Thermostat [U]Inside[U]the tank, in the substrate.

Is the probe supposed to be attached to the UTH on the bottom of the tank?
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Re: Using an UTH & Thermostat

Welcome to the community.

If I am understanding your question correctly, you would have the probe in the tank. I used to keep Flying Gecko, and they hung out on the walls of the vivarium. I seem to remember having two or three probes placed at different levels. With your boa, you might want to have a probe lower in the tank.

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Re: Using an UTH & Thermostat

Alternatively, you can mount the probe between the UTH and the bottom of the tank.

It really doesn't matter whether you put the probe inside or out, you'll just have to adjust your thermostat to compensate for the placement.

People do generally opt for outside the cage because snakes have a habit of moving your probes on you.
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