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Exclamation Can I use a rubber tire in my enclosure?

I have a leucistic rat snake and I'm upgrading his enclosure. I had this idea to make his tank look like a run down piece of land in Florida or Texas, complete with a rubber tire water feature (or just a rubber tire as a hide in fear of any toxin leaching into the water.)

Help me out! I'm trying to do research to see if tire rubber is toxic. I would be purchasing a new, never been used tire from amazon for a lawn mower or something small like that. The enclosure is a 40 gallon breeder so I don't have that much space.

Any insight at all would be helpful. Thank you!
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Re: Can I use a rubber tire in my enclosure?

Better to use it for a hide than a water bowl, a rubber tire with water wouldn't be easy to keep clean, or even tell when it's dirty. IME rat snakes aren't usually inclined to soak or poop in their water bowl, but I prefer suitably sized plastic hides. Those are simply easier to wash up when needed. Alternatively, use the tire to hold a water bowl if you can find one that fits the opening.
Rat snakes are active, and will outgrow a 40 breeder. A 75 gallon would be a better option. My adult male black rat snake is housed in a custom reptile tank equivalent in size to a 180 gallon aquarium.
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Re: Can I use a rubber tire in my enclosure?

I'm fairly certain tires are toxic. Seems like you should be able to find a fake tire made of resin, or maybe a 3d printed one, that would work for you.
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