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Hognose enclosure UVB lighting question

Hey! Im not sure my previous post when through so Ill try again. Just have a 18 T8 UVB light for my hognose atm on top of a mesh screen I have no way to install it inside (glass enclosure). Will the light get through the top metal mesh okay? Should I exchange it for a 24 T5 uvb light? Would that get the UV rays to the hognose okay/better? Please let me know!
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Re: Hognose enclosure UVB lighting question

UVB is generally needed by animals to create vitamin D, which is necessary to metabolize calcium. Snakes generally get all of the vitamin D and calcium they need from their prey. As such, snakes do not require UVB.

That said, it is not harmful to provide UVB to snakes, and some people feel that it is beneficial.

Some UVB will pass through the screen lid of your tank. Obviously, the UVB exposure from a longer tub will cover a large area. However, the UVB output is better determined by the bulb type itself. Different manufacturers phrase the output differently, but they generally offer low, medium, and high UVB output bulbs. If you're looking to increase the amount of UVB then you could move from a low intensity 18" bulb to a high intensity 18" bulb.

Also, keep in mind the UVB bulbs stop producing UVB after about 6 months or so, making it necessary to replace them twice a year.

I expect that the bulb that you are currently using is providing an ample amount of UVB to provide a potential benefit for your snake.
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Re: Hognose enclosure UVB lighting question

Thank you so much for the tips! Like I said it’s just a metal mesh screen so I’ve been worried that like no UVB will get through, or not enough to actually provide any benefit. I just want to make sure my set up is perfect before I get my hognose!
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