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I want to build HDPE enclosure and make a DIY guide

So I want to change people from using PVC cages into using HDPE cages. My main reason is because I see a problem that needs to be fixed. HDPE is a superior product and is just more expensive so I want to be able to provide to people for the same price as some of the main cage makers. Im aiming for AP cages.

Now I will do a DIY guide but I have to pay for a down payment for a house in California which if you know is not cheap. But by February Ill be able to make the guide. For now I want to point out some PROS and Cons of HDPE over PVC and wood

1. Heat tolerance of 248 degrees so virtually no chance of cage warping or being structurally compromised.
2. Its a dense material (HIgh Density Poly Ethylene) So its strong
3. The material is very easy to clean and will not soak up odors nor stain after long time of poop and pee on the enclosure.
1. Expensive material

So the main reasons why people switch from wooden cages to pvc is for the pros I listed for HDPE enclosures. Now HDPE is superior and does everything that PVC does but better. So now the only reason why people have not swtiched to HDPE cages is because its more expensive material so it has to sell for higher price. That is the problem im trying to solve the price. Actually I solved it, now I just want to see if people would buy it.
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Re: I want to build HDPE enclosure and make a DIY guide

I’m intrigued. Please go on
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Re: I want to build HDPE enclosure and make a DIY guide

Originally Posted by Whitefang View Post
Iím intrigued. Please go on
Yeah so sorry for the late reply first of all, but yeah to summarize basically I want to be able to sell HDPE cages because factually it is better than PVC foamboard in EVERY way... But its expensive so people do not want to make cages out this stuff because they cannot compete with cheaper prices like animal plastics cages... which is where I want to come in and fill that void.... That is the easy version of what I will be doing...

BUT the deeper side to it is this

I want to also make a website that will offer value all for free.... By value I mean giving information I wish I would have known when I started out in the hobby. For example I thought petco an petsmart were the only places where I could buy reptile supplies I never would have thought of craigslist or LLLreptile because I was a newbie... Or little tricks and tips like buying the light fixtures from home depot because they can handle 150 watt lights, are 7.5" in diameter and are chrome all around for 5 bucks instead of 20 bucks for the mini light fixture. So insight from an experienced reptile owner and even be able to have section for other knowledgeable people to chime in because I do not know everything.... Then make a youtube channel to explain things for people who learn through listening people talk and visual learners.... I plan on doing DIY guides for my cage building too and just other ideas. So thats my vision....
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