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Setting up bins without a rack

Greetings. I am trying to set up some dollar-store plastic bins as temporary (a few months) homes for some snakes while I wait for their rack to arrive. My question is about heating. I plan on using Ultratherm heat pads for this temporary setup, and I need some advice on how to do it properly.

-Will I need insulation between the bins and the pads to prevent melting plastic?

-If I stack the bins on top of each other, will I need to jury-rig a frame to keep the heat pads from warming two bins at once? If so, will a thin block of styrofoam, wood or some other insulator work?

-Would it be better to stick the pads to the bottom of the bin, or the lid?

Thank you.
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Re: Setting up bins without a rack

You do not need insulation between the heat source and the bin. You do need to place your thermostat's probe between the heat pad and the bin. With a thermostat, the heat pad should never get too hot. (Also, you will cook your snake to death long before the pad gets hot enough to melt plastic, if the pad is even capable of melting plastic under normal operation.)

I would place a spacer between the bins but it isn't necessary. I'd use something that creates air flow, like placing a 1x2 on each end and maybe one in the middle.

Heat pads only heat what is above them, so place them on the bottom of the bins.
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Re: Setting up bins without a rack

I have a couple of stand-alone tubs sitting on a large piece of ceramic tile with an ultratherm heat mat under that. No thermostat, the mats don't get hot enough to melt plastic or cook your critters. Any of the tubs sitting directly on the mats are connected to herpstats, but even those wouldn't be in any real danger even w/out regulation. Main thing is to provide a cooler area for the snake to get away from the heat. Along with half the tub not sitting on the mat, I also have shelves or at least branches and pool noodle pieces for the snake/s to climb on.
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Re: Setting up bins without a rack

This helps. Thank you!
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