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2 Ball Pythons and Tank Size

Hi there! I'm an educator at a non-profit school that has a few animals in their care. I have inherited the position of animal care coordinator, so now I have the power and can dictate the conditions are animals are living in.

Currently we have two ball pythons that have been living together for 10+ years. Their tank is 36x17x19 (not sure the gallon size). They have a felt square of fabric that is on the bottom of their tank, two heating pads, one heat lamp (all temp requirements are met, I have made sure), one hide house, a small climbing tree, and a water dish.

As it stands, the tank is pretty crammed. Little to no room for our friends to stretch out and climb. They spend a lot of time curled up together in the house (no surprise there).

They are brought out on a regular basis and handled by visiting schools. They're extremely docile-- wonderful snakes.

I have gotten a lot of comments from fellow staff members saying "I wish their tank was a bit bigger" or "I wonder if they get bored in there with so little to do."

So I've made it my mission to completely pimp out their living quarters.

I wanted everyone's thoughts on a few things:

1. What tank size should I be aiming for with two snakes that are roughly 11-12 years old (we don't know for sure since they were surrendered to us 10 years ago)?
2. Should I ditch the felt pad? If so, what substrate do you suggest?
3. What kind of setup should I be aiming for? One climbing branch? Two? They really perked up when my predecessor added a climbing tree, and have seemed a lot more active and alert.

Thanks everyone. I just really want to give more care and thought into how animals in my care are living, and I'm working with a handicap (no animal husbandry background).

(And don't even get me started on the red tailed hawk I also inherited... phew!)
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Re: 2 Ball Pythons and Tank Size

I'd aim for a 40 to 55 gallon.
I'd use a substrate like eco earth or coco husk. Absorbent and looks nice. Easy to spot clean.
I'd add in another hide or two and maybe another branch.
Remember they are nocturnal so you won't see them out during the day too often.
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