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Hmm Don't Like It

I made a bioactive vivarium for my snake and I have to say, it's a very pretty terrarium. But it functions very poorly as a vivarium for a pet.

I can't find my snake ever. I know she's there and alive, probably, but I never see her or even any signs that she's there. The temperature has leveled out but still no sign.

I can't feed her, even if I leave a mouse in there she doesn't eat it. I'm not even sure if she knows it's there. I can't socialize her - if I wanted to pick her up, I'd have to dig up the whole thing at least once a week and that is not good for anyone - the plants, the bugs, her, or me.

I don't think I'll ever make one again. It's unfortunate, because a lot of people I've talked too(not just here) recommended it and eagerly told me that it'd be great for my snake. I put a fair amount of money into the terrarium, too.

In the coming weeks I might deconstruct the whole thing and put her back on aspen. It's just too hard to feed her, which is kinda important.

I also am not really sure why she doesn't move around though. I know snakes like to hide, but I'd read that kingsnakes were at least somewhat active.
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Re: Hmm Don't Like It

How large/old is your snake?

I find that until they hit adult size, it's better to keep them on paper towels, or limit their substrate to 1/2-1" so they are out more than they are down. Of course, I have some juvenile MBKs that go under the paper towels, but I can find them soon enough.
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Re: Hmm Don't Like It

How long has she been in the setup? Maybe she needs time to adjust.

I have my two young garter snakes on newspaper until they get some size and become more tame. Then I'm going bioactive all the way.

Good luck.
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